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Focussing on high-precision research equipment, DPM Solutions offers individual problem solving and capacity to researchers in academic and industrial organizations around the world. We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality management and our focus on the needs of our clients. All of our design and manufacturing is handled in-house. This ensures production control and immediate response to any client concerns.

Most science and engineering projects require new design and fabrication or, modification of existing instruments. We handle both. Operating since 2009, we have earned an international reputation for innovation, high standards, practicality and cost effectiveness.

Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, we ship to destinations that include Australia, South and Central Asia, Europe and throughout North America. We have worked with 3M, AJA International, Bosch, DuPont, Nissan, Philips 66, Toyota and many other industrial clients.

We also collaborate internationally with universities and national Laboratories. In Canada these include: Dalhousie University, National Research Council, University of British Columbia and University of Waterloo. US institutions include: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Berkeley, MIT, and Stanford universities. We also count Justus-Liebig University and the Max Plank Institutes (Germany) and CIDETEC (Spain) among our clients.



Simon Trussler

Founder/Owner of DPM Solutions Inc., Simon Trussler has worked in the area of specialized instrumentation for research for 25 years. A former machinist with the British Army, he discovered Nova Scotia while on a yachting trip and put down roots.

Simon joined the Department of Physics & Atmospheric Science at Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia) in 1996, and continues to work with that department. He founded DPM Solutions in 2010. His key areas of concentration have been the physics and chemistry of energy storage materials and the design and fabrication of electronic battery testing equipment. He works with a number of research organizations including the Jeff Dahn Research Group at Dalhousie University.