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Custom Parts

We have a broad array of precision machines for fast, low cost manufacturing. Many of our parts require dimension accuracy down to the hundredth of a millimetre. We work closely with our clients to make part design and ordering as streamlined as possible.

Fuel-cell technology is gaining importance as an alternative source of electrical power. Talk to us about your ideas or requirements and we will help find a solution.

Our robot trays are designed to maximize efficiency. The upper tray pictured here has five removable sections allowing twenty samples at a time to be placed in a furnace. It can accommodate 100 vials at once in the dispensing robot. Each location in the tray is lettered and numbered ensuring that the identity of each lid and vial is known when weighing.

The lower tray is used to hold and identify lids, based on their location when removed from the vials. This also positions the lids so that they can be picked up with the holder.

We design Plug Flow Reactor Tubes for both multi-channel reactor and low-pressure trickle bed reactors trays. These can be fabricated with or without a taper. The grit is built in. We customize for your dimensions.