Custom Machine Specialized Equipment


Design Services

Creation, development and application.
We see you through projects from start to finish.

Whether you want us to design it, build it, or both, we give you the highest quality result based on your requirements. We furnish all materials, tools, labour and equipment and guarantee the result as set out in the product description.

We base our pricing on the type of equipment being produced and the lead-time for delivery. Any modifications, alterations or changes made after the approved design may increase the price of the finished product.

We give you two deliverables: the delivery date of design specs and drawings and the delivery date of the finished product. These delivery dates are based on conditions existing at the time of the contract.

Our warranty covering materials and workmanship extends for a period of one year from date of purchase. If either the equipment, or a part, malfunctions it must be returned to DPM Solutions and if the equipment is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

For a look at a sample contract, please contact us.

Product Overview

DPM Solutions designs, tests and builds equipment and solutions for clients across industries and learning institutions. Here are some of our design and product areas.


Tracking electrolyte motion in cylindrical Li-ion cells using moment of inertia measurements.

Dry particle fusion

Fusion coating of advanced electrode material particles at laboratory scale.

Coin Cell Production

Coin Cell Crimping • Argon Powered Press • Coin Cell Opener

Safe Cell Testing and Cell Holders

We provide compact, versatile and precise temperature-controlled boxes.

Electrode Preparation

3 Electrode Cell • Notch Bars • Ball Mill Vials


Our X-Ray equipment is specifically designed to expedite your work

Furnace Tube End Caps

User-friendly, reliable furnace tube end-caps to protect your air sensitive samples.

Custom Parts

Fuel Cells • Robot Trays • Plug Flow Reactor Tubes


Individually designed Magnetron Sputtering Systems and products.