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Electrode Preparation

3 Electrode Cell

A 3 electrode cell offers better control and measurement of the current and potential passing through the cell during an electricity-driven chemical reaction. It reduces and compensates the potential charges caused by large currents passing through the electrodes. DPM offers a simple and effective 3 electrode cell.

Electrode Preparation

Use the notch bar to spread your electrode slurry on to the metal foil. Various heights and sizes can be ordered in thousandths of an inch or mm measurements.

Improve the adhesion of electrode materials and increase the energy density. Achieve densities matching commercial production allowing you to obtain research results relevant to commercial industry. For more details on our Calender Rollers click here.

A convenient hand punch for consistent electrode disk production. We can produce a wide range of diameters in thousandths of an inch or mm sizes.

We design ball mill vials to suit your needs. Available in a wide variety of materials.

Custom made to any size.