Custom Machine Specialized Equipment


Safe Cell Testing and Cell Holders


We provide compact, versatile and precise temperature controlled boxes (+/-0.1°C).  These allow cell testing ranging from 2 mAh capacity to 40 Ah capacity while still maintaining safety. Our laboratory is equipped to test a large variety of cell chemistries, form factors and configurations. Our experienced engineers can design unique application specific test protocols that are tailored to evaluate a cell’s performance in its operating environment.

Our testing has shown that thermal events propagating from cell to cell within a temperature- controlled box and from box to box are very unlikely. Our cabinets contain the smoke and flame which enables safely venting gases outside of the building.

Our cell trays have cut-outs to make it easy to pick up cells with tweezers. Another option is a through hole to allow you to lift the cell with you finger.

We have made a wide range of cell holders for different applications.