Custom Machine Specialized Equipment



Your research is complex and precise. It requires practical, innovative and safe solutions. Our X-ray systems deliver that assurance.

Our Sample Holder allows you to observe airs-sensitive samples.  It just requires a thin mylar film epoxied into place and it is ready to go. This style makes the trip from Glovebox to X-Ray quick and simple.

Our table enables you to view samples at the correct height, eliminating the possibility of damage to your detector head.

Top View
Bottom View
Side View

Our stages are designed to make your system user-friendly. We can custom design one to suit your needs. The Stage pictured here attaches to a RigakuTM and allows for the easy insertion of sample holders. It also offers adequate room for larger air-sensitive sample holders and attaches to a RigakuTM . It allows for the easy insertion of sample holders and leaves plenty of room for larger air sensitive sample holders as well.

Locking Handle
Lower Support
Back Stop